This is a rewrite (and going in a somewhat different direction) of the When you Get Lost, Come Back, game.  That game even though I haven't done any work on it for some time, seems to be the most consistently "high" game in my list of games.

Looking back at the game itself, I see why I gave up on it.  I stumbled into some bunnies (of the plot kind) which stole what I had wanted, and it became a right mess, that while I could clean it up, honestly, it's easier to start fresh.  

I feel that I've got something more like what I want, in part thanks to using a different way of writing this thanks to notimetoplay's Tee-Wee Editor.  

We are currently in very early development, and mostly this is to open the possibility for feedback.  On release, I may change this to a paid game, but currently I am more interested in making it easily accessible.  

StatusIn development
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GenreInteractive Fiction, Educational
Made withTwine


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