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A bit ago someone shared their "book" I think, and it had community copies.  It could have been a different type of project, and I thought that I would like to use that when I published something new (and honestly when I update any of the old projects I have).  

I thought that this feature was something which itch does, but it is not.  

I did some searching, and one of the first things I found was Community Accessibility on, which goes through in enough detail to explain how this works.  

Since this is the first since I saw that this works, and have noticed it's not all that difficult to do, I'm probably going to be doing this with future projects, as well as adding this way of doing things to the existing projects.

Existing projects I probably will not end up seeding before I set this up.  

And...  I'm not sure if a "community copy" ends up being the same as purchasing a copy.  


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Oct 01, 2020
Metazine-Volume-0-Version-1.1.1-Spreads.pdf 1 MB
Oct 01, 2020

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