First Release

This is the first time deciding to go with this.  I had started to work on another project which I have set aside for now, as I am not sure what's happened with it.  It ended up getting long, complicated and confusing, and it ended up going into a lot of territory that I hadn't intended it to go when I started with this.

This is a bit of an unusual release at this time, as I have just got a very simple start, and a few different parts that are being handled differently.

Firstly, there are a lot of "dead ends" where you follow something, and essentially there is nothing there (there are 39 segments, and 9 of them have real content in them).  

I'm not sure if the intention of this project is clear, any comments are welcome especially if you have questions about where I am taking this, or where it will end up in the end.  


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Oct 24, 2018

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