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When you get lost, come back

Interactive Non Fiction on meditation, mindfulness, spirituality and religion · By JigmeDatse


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Future re-working of this game...
I am looking to relaunch this using the Tee-Wee editor , though I'm not sure what format I will be using. The Harlow format when I last looked, wasn't working...
More Proofing
Today I was hoping that I would spend some time shooting the video for this. I may still do some of that, I don't really know. But what happened was that when...
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Breadcrumbs added
The main purpose of this release is to handle some things about making it clearer how to go back. I have added a function to display breadcrumbs of the path th...
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First Release
This is the first time deciding to go with this. I had started to work on another project which I have set aside for now, as I am not sure what's happened with...
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