Starting Development

First off, it's been a while since I've published anything to so it's taken a bit to get it so that this is working.

I have started to set things up better on my end so that I can get the versioning working better.  I am publishing each new version I test locally in a version tagged directory, and I think that's allowing me to have the uploads working correctly.  

Yesterday, or  maybe the day before, I saw someone on the Discord server discussing, "what does this even mean" when referring to the Tee-Wee Editor.  And since I could understand it, I thought I'd check out the editor.

And at this point, I've been using it actively for a couple of days, and feel that I can publish the very much in progress game.  

I know I need to do a lot of work to get this so that people are able to really find it, and I'm not that great at that kind of work.  

My first task, is probably getting some images, like a logo, or something...  Then the next would be some nice screen shots (though, honestly they aren't that interesting...).  

But we have something working for now here.  Well, "working" I hope that somewhere I can end up getting some bug reports.  I think I've squashed the ones that I've noticed.  I'm sure I'm missing plenty...  

Apparently I left this as a draft.  I don't know, missed something...  

Files Play in browser
Version 0.11.8 Jan 07, 2021 73 MB
Version 0.11.8 Jan 07, 2021 Play in browser
Version 0.2.7 Apr 05, 2020 73 MB
Version 0.2.7 Apr 05, 2020 Play in browser
Version 0.2.7 Apr 05, 2020 73 MB
Version 0.2.7 Apr 05, 2020

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