Getting Audio Working

Here we have some of the audio stuff working, and I have actually seen some of the problems I ran into...  I do think I probably should figure out something which is to realize just how better to debug these things.  There were a couple of issues I ran into.  And these are common problems.

In my {reveal link} that I had early on, I ended up putting an apostrophe in the text, and not escaping it.  This caused it to break.

And in the ones on the audio section, which I couldn't figure out why they weren't working, I ended up using "link reveal" instead of "reveal link" or something like that.  

Some of the problems are that I'm expecting consistent logic.  I had a problem that I figured since I had "sound effect" that I'd have "sound ambient" for ambient sounds...  

But that isn't how things were setup, and probably at least partially for good reasons.  Because if you want it human readable in English my logic simply fails.

But logic and English don't really go together as often as I'd like.

And English is my first language, and my primary language.

Anyway...  I got some progress.  The bugs were mine, which was nice.  Though I think the one that I initially found wasn't mine, but it could be.

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Version 0.8.21 May 27, 2020 73 MB
Version 0.8.21 May 27, 2020

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