Some updates, more to come...

A bit ago...  Oh when was that?  "A month ago" I did a bit of work to release 0.2.7 which is the version you see here.  That was back on April 4th, so it's almost a week over a month...  

Since then, I have continued to do some work, but hadn't published it.  The current version which hasn't been released is 0.4.0 with these numbers not really meaning a whole lot.  I know that currently there is a bit of a limit to what I've got here, and I'd like to clean some of this up.  

I think that some of the stuff I have worked on was kind of important.

Earlier today I got a notification that there is a new version of the Chapbook format.  There is some functionality changes that I haven't really got much to say about it.  I haven't got any related features added.  

I will be updating using the new version, though I'm not sure if there's a difference between publishing with the two different versions of the format or not.  Ie. one is smaller, and probably shouldn't be needed in the published version, but might be.  

Anyway, I hope to do a bit more with this before I decide that I want to publish a new version of this, but I hope that will happen in the next few days, maybe a week or so.

Right now, I don't know if I'll work on any of this before tomorrow, but who knows.  

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Version 0.2.7 Apr 05, 2020

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