Mostly just updates...

This is mostly updates related to the addition of the start of the Multimedia section of setting things up.  I managed to get up to having some images added.  

There are some other changes which I've made, which are some updates to the table of contents, the devlog, and a few other things.

Some of those changes don't get included in this release, but I thought I'd go with just this for now, as the differences between this release, and the things I have here are kind of minor.

One significant change which I have done (which I think is only partially fixing things, because for some reason I have no idea why this starts on the wrong passage) is so that I can actually scroll.  

It is currently starting to display on the Modifiers page (which might have to do with saving the state as I noted part way through, and yes, it looks like this is the case.  

So this is not a bug with or with my story, but just how things are expected to go.  Well that's refreshing.  

I hope to have some more done tomorrow so that I can actually get further along.  

And, I discovered that my assets weren't copying over, so...  I have now fixed that.  But that's a new issue...

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Version 0.7.9 May 15, 2020

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