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This brings us up to what I've done so far.  I have been sitting on doing the next passage (which is just a bare skeleton right now) for some time, but with the update of the format I *think* yesterday, I thought I'd take a look at where this is at.

I noticed when I was trying to get the new version, that the new version includes some updates to portions I haven't really looked at yet.  But, that's totally OK.  More importantly to this release, there is a new version of the format which is smaller, and results in a smaller published document.  I believe for what I publish the difference should be about 50k difference from what the old, and the current "full" version is.  

So, this is basically just an update to get the published version up to date with the version I have on my computer.  


lets-build-a-chapbook-using-tee-wee-html-beta.zip Play in browser
Version 0.4.2 May 11, 2020
lets-build-a-chapbook-using-tee-wee-linux-osx-windows-html-beta.zip 73 MB
Version 0.4.2 May 11, 2020

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