Just some updates...

We have made some more progress here and have added some sections on customization, specifically on the header and footer, and on the fonts and colours...

Also some other passages have been updated with notes, and the devlog has some brief notes about all that has been done.  

I'm not quite sure how to handle some of the stuff there, because I want to have some passages which don't display anything, but that you don't end up getting trapped by them.  One thing I can do is to put a "back" button in the footer, and that's not a bad idea at all.  

Some things which are currently getting set later in the story, might be better to have on the start passage.  I am not sure if I want to have that changed for this project, unless there are small things like changing the footer with that back link, which would be helpful, and maybe the "debug" link once I get it setup so that it actually does the debug enabling.

I'm actually happy that I have something which is starting to work quite well.  Hope it's proving useful to some people...  


lets-build-a-chapbook-using-tee-wee-html-beta.zip Play in browser
Version 0.9.35 Jun 04, 2020
lets-build-a-chapbook-using-tee-wee-linux-osx-windows-html-beta.zip 73 MB
Version 0.9.35 Jun 04, 2020

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